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Beginner Classes

Saturday mornings 10-Noon

Our classes run throughout the year and are perfect for an introduction to working with fused glass.

What is fused glass?

Thanks for asking! Fused glass is a general term referring to the process of firing glass in a kiln to stick pieces of glass together. Other processes that the kiln can be used to fire glass include slumping or draping, casting and staining or painting. Often all of these processes are referred to a fusing - because they involve heating flat sheets or pieces of glass in a kiln.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to cut and break glass safely. You will learn how to assemble your glass pieces and accessory glass to be fired in the kiln. You will learn about the firing cycles and their different effects on the finished look of your work.

What will I make?

We have different projects available each week. All Saturday morning projects are suitable for someone with no experience working with glass, unless otherwise noted on our schedule. Technically, you don't even need to break the glass if that makes you uncomfortable. We have had many students that choose to find pieces in our color bins to compose their own artwork! Once per month we try to run an intermediate class which will assume proficiency in using our glass tools. If you have successfully completed a beginner class with us, you can probably handle the intermediate class.